The Critical Making Studio supports student-initiated projects, partners with faculty on class workshops and projects, and lends equipment to the entire Oxy community.



Student-led workshops for virtual reality, coding, photography, video and audio recording



Check out cameras, mini computers, audio recording equipment, and more



Mac Workstations with Adobe Creative Suite, 3D Printer, Music Studio, Paper Prototyping, VR Studio and Stop Motion Animation

Audio Projects

Check out music recording equipment or visit the audio booth in the studio to record music that you’re working on

Visual Projects

Use one of our Mac workstations to use the Adobe Creative Suite for photo and video editing. Check out DSLR and video cameras, as well as equipment for photography and video projects.

3D Printing Projects

Use our MakerBot 3D Printer to print whatever you want – whether it be for personal or academic use

Tinkering/Building Projects

Check out Arduino or Raspberry Pi computers, Makey Makey kits, sewing kits, and Little Bits kits

What is the Critical Making Studio?

Located on the ground floor of the Academic Commons, the Critical Making Studio is a shared, open learning environment where students learn how to critically engage with a range of digital production tools and integrate them into their scholarly practice. As a core program developed by Occidental College’s Center for Digital Liberal Arts, we support a generation of students who wish to transform what we know about technologies and how we interact with them in the social world.

Workshops & Events


Location: Ground level of Academic Commons
General hours:  same hours as the Academic Commons.
Open Studio (Staffed) Hours: M-F 1pm-6pm
Equipment circulation hours: M-F 3pm-5pm


Start Making Today

Drone footage: Bo Ga