The Maker Space

The central hub for Critical Making is the main Studio on the Ground Floor. Here you’ll find iMacs with media production and editing software, a 3D Printer, sewing machine, paper prototyping supplies, electronics kits, soldering irons and more.

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 Critical Making is a hands on, collaborative exploration of how the information and media technologies we use can impact creative and intellectual inquiry. The CMS supports student-initiated projects, partners with faculty on class workshops and projects, and lends equipment to the entire Oxy community.

How to access: bottom floor of the library.

Code and Computing

Do you want to build a robot or learn how circuits work? We have Arduino kits and electronic kits available for checkout! Our Code + Computing staff can also help you develop a website or guide you through any development questions that you might have. Come by if you want to build a website, get started on coding, or have a project idea but don’t know where to start, stop by! We will try our best to help.

3D Design :

Our four Critical Making Stations in the main studio are equipped with Macs with the power to run taxing 3D modeling software like Maya and Blender. Just download the free student edition of either program, and set yourself up to model and animate with industry standard tools used to create movie-quality CGI, video game ready assets, and printable models. The screens are extra-big, allowing you the space to watch tutorials and study reference images while you model, rig, and animate. Our 3D printer is in for repairs, but stay tuned its return!

Tinkering and Sewing :

If you enjoy working with your hands to create and design, the CMS has many different kinesthetic options. Located on the bottom floor of the library, we have LittleBits kits to synthesize music and MakeyMakeys to turn everyday objects (like fruit) into controllers available for check-out. The CMS also has a sewing machine located within the space that is available for 24/7 student use, equipped with a binder for pattern inspiration and all the necessary thread/bobbins/feet.  

Paper Prototype :

Paper prototyping is a research methodology that helps to visualize and test ideas and concepts in an early stage of a project. Critical Making Studio offers a place for students to paper prototype their ongoing project with minimum investment in time and cost. CMS present students with a lot of tools and materials that come in handy: poster, sticky notes, sketch paper, cards, scissors, markers, tapes etc. Creating paper prototypes is fun as it is a great way to collaborate in a team and anyone can participate.


 Equipment You Might Need: 

Check out the equipment using following link and pick them up at the circulation desk.

Equipment circulation desk hours: M-F 3-5pm.

Makey Makey Kit

makey makey kit #1





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Pine64 #1





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Soldering Kit

Soldering Kit #1

What’s in the Box?

  • Getting Started with Soldering handbook by Marc de Vinck
  • Deluxe soldering station with variable temperature, soldering iron, iron holder, cleaning sponge
  • Lead-free solder
  • Third hand with Magnifying Glass
  • Replacement tips
  • Plier tool
  • Solder wick

Check Out

1TB Western Digital external hard drive

1TB Western Digital external hard drive 1
Includes a USB 3 Cable


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              Epson Perfection V600 Photo Color Scanner

              Epson Perfection V600 Photo Color Scanner


              • scanner
              • transparency unit (built into lid)
              • film holders
              • hi speed usb 2.0 cable
              • ac adapter and power cable

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              Lenovo desktop
              Lenovo Gaming PC #1

              This is checked out with one VG248 LCD monitor 

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              Logitech HD Webcam C310

              Logitech HD Webcam C310 #1

              • Works with Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Microsoft Live Messenger
              • Windows Vista®, Windows® 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) or Windows®  8
              • 5-megapixel snapshots: You can take high-resolution snapshots at up to 5 megapixels
              • You’ll get HD 720p video calling on most major instant messaging applications
              • Built-in mic with noise reduction
              • Automatic Light Correction


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