Stop Motion Animation

The studio is fully equipped and ready for Oxy animators. Equipped with from arts-and-crafts supplies to studio lighting, the Stop Motion Animation Studio is designed for a wide array of stop motion projects. Never tried stop motion before? We can train you!

Academic Commons Room 128

[sphere 924]

What’s Inside

The core software tool used is DragonFrame, which is installed on the computer alongside the DragonFrame number pad. There is also a TV screen installed for easy viewing of finalized projects and storyboards while working on a project. The studio has a dedicated Cannon SL1 and studio lighting, along with an array of craft materials to create animations. 

Reserve the Stop Motion Animation Studio

Schedule a training with one of our animators: Summer 2019 Training is by request to Jacob Alden Sargent at

Upon completion you will be added to a shared calendar and can reserve a time. This calendar will be used by the Library Circulation staff to confirm your access to the key.

Equipment You Might Need: 

In addition to equipment that resides in the Stop Motion Studio, we also loan camera and lighting equipment. 

Critical Making Studio Check Out Desk
Ground floor of the Academic Commons
M-F 3-5pm

Rode On-Camera Mic

Rode On-Camera Mic #1Includes:

  • 3.5mm aux audio cable
  • hard shell case

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Wireless Lavalier Mic Pack

Wireless Lavalier Mic Pack #2







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Canon 50mm Lens

Canon 50mm Lens #1

The Canon 50mm Lens includes the following items:

  • Canon 50mm Lens
  • Soft Lens case
  • Front Lens cap
  • Rear Lens cap

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